Real-Time PCR System

Q1000 Real-Time PCR System

 The new generation of Peltier-based technology,fast ramping rate of up to 7℃/sec.
 Maintenance free,long life LED illuminator and high sensitivity photoelectric detector.
 Synchronous two color detection system,reducing errors caused by delay,shortening scan time.
 Calibration with ROX dye is not required,guarantees extremely uniform fluorescence wells.
 The software could be upgraded free for life.
PCR Thermal Cycler

T30(Tri -Block Gradient)

 3 individual sample blocks allow 3 protocols running independently.different protocols to independently.
 10”TFT Full Color touch screen,with wide viewing angles.
 New generation Peltier technology ,allowing 1,000,000 run cycles.
 New generation Peltier technology ,with ramping rate more than 7.5℃/s.
 New lever-style heat lid to lock up the lid pressure automatically,ensuring even pressure during running of protocol.
Other Devices
 Dry Bath Incubator
 Mini Centrifuge

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  • Real-Time PCR System

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